Precautions and Requests for Entry to the Museum.(Precautions about COVID-19 )

The opening hours and closing days of the museum have been changed.

 ●Opening hours
     10:00-17:00 (Entry by 16:30)
Closed days
 Mondays (Except national holidays), The year-end and New Year holidays
Infomation and requests for visitors

・Please be sure to wear a mask in the museum.
・We ask you to provide your contact information just in case.We will keep this information for three months.We will responsibly destroy this in the absence of an infected person.In the event of an outbreak of an infectious disease, contact information may be provided if requested by the administration. Thank you for your understanding.
・Alcohol disinfection solution is available in the museum. Be sure to disinfect your hands and fingers.
・When crowded, admission may be limited, and visitors may be asked to wait for a while.
・Don't come in large numbers.
・Bring a mask and sanitizing supplies.Take preventive measures for yourself.
Museum staff will work to prevent infection.

・Please understand that our staff will be wearing masks.
・The inside of the museum is disinfected with alcohol before opening. The work will also be performed during business hours . Thank you for your understanding.
・The museum are appropriately ventilated. 
・Staff must take a temperature test before coming to work, and if the temperature is above 37.3°C, they are ordered to stay home.
・Staff members strive to manage their physical condition and prevent infections by gargling and washing their hands.
To protect against the COVID-19, the museum asks that any individuals who meet either of the following criteria to refrain from visiting museum.

・You have cold symptoms such as a fever, cough, sneeze, and a runny nose.
・You are in poor physical condition.
・Within 14 days, you had cold symptoms or fever.
・There is a person with COVID-19 in the family living or working with you. Or someone who has a suspicion.
・You have traveled in the last 2 weeks in any region or country where COVID-19 is spreading.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
August 7, 2020
Osaka UKIYOE Museum